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South African InsurTech, Ctrl, closes Series B

Zipline reaches new heights

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Chipper Cash; FinTech Unicorn

The world’s biggest Blockchain deployment

10 Q1 VC deals in Kenya

Q1 research roundup

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Celebrating International Women’s Day

Solar Powered Irrigation

60 African crypto start-ups

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Morgan Stanley’s Nigeria solar play

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Let’s keep things chilled

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44 South African VCs

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Egypt FinTech map

COVID’s impact on East African innovation

Some more AgTech data

Agriculture and VC

12 page e-commerce report

Innovation at the last mile

Innovation along the healthcare supply chain

Vertically integrated supply chains

The data behind electronic patient data

What’s new in pre-seed and seed?

Venture backed healthcare

Q1 deal volume analysis

12,000 data scientists

Quona and Accion’s new $203m Fintech fund

Our very own 2019 Funding Report

Food-delivery news is hard to swallow

What Lagos’ motorcycle ban means for VCs

Andela’s co-founder has launched a VC fund

Spanish unicorns are real

VCs continue to invest in Kenya’s insurance space

LGT Lightstone lead Copia Global’s $26m Series B

Softbank & Sequoia invest in Nigerian FinTech 

BitPesa has rebranded 

Is Andela’s $700m valuation a bit rich? 

CC Hub has acquired iHub

Uber acquires Careem, finally

Why has Burundi banned cryptocurrency?

The end of crowd farming as we know it?

Goldman Sachs backs logistics in Nigeria

Is Visa making a big play in Kenya?

$500 million USD for African FinTech

A big delivery for Elmenus

Egypt’s pharmacies go digital

Trella on the move

Has anyone seen my transport?

Flutterwave and Amole announce global partnership

Sequoia backs Egyptian neo bank Telda

140 South African FinTechs

Amazon’s big South Africa play

Sawari Ventures’ $71m VC fund

47 AdTech start-ups

Flutterwave’s $170m Series C

The end of the road for Section 12J

22 AI-Powered Healthcare Start-ups

Bovine Biometrics and Burst Balloons

Gro Intelligence’s $85m Series B

2020 Funding Report preview

Software is eating the law

50 PropTech start-ups to watch

Borderless cash

50 InsurTech Start-ups

50 AI Start-ups to Watch

Q2 & Q3 Africa tech acquisitions

We’ve launched expansion tracking

Is cash still king?

The future of FinTech

Mobility on demand

Southern Africa Funding Report

North Africa funding report

Five years of YC in West Africa

East Africa investment trends

Diagnosing AI powered diagnostics

A big Q1 for Fintech, Health and Logistics

Standard Bank’s Third Strategic Investment in a year

Healthcare Hacks

A new CVC fund just for logistics

Some pretty cool crypto analysis

Signed, sealed, delivered by Sendy

Paga’s big Ethiopian FinTech play

Bolt bags €50m from the EU for Africa growth

Rensource Energy celebrates Christmas with $20m Series A raises $20m to fuel global expansion

Sony turns up the volume on African music

Visa eyes $200m pre-IPO investment into Interswitch

Goldman leads Twiga Foods’ Series B

Jumia’s wobbly IPO

Made in Rwanda 

Shoulda, woulda… Kuda? 

Kenya’s census week

Google Maps localises to make sense of Nigerian traffic

Are Boomplay and Spinlet finally playing with the big hitters?

How to get around Lagos in style

Healthcent closes the gap between patient and doctors

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